How do I play a quiz with my students?

In order to start a quiz it is required to add a question with one or multiple correct answer(s).  To see how you need to create a vote please refer to the question "How do I create a vote slide?’’ in the add-in section. Below I will describe the steps to take in order to succesfully create a quiz.

  1. If you have added a questions with one or multiple correct answer(s) you can go to your dashboard and log in.
  2. If you are logged in; the first step you are going to take is to turn off anonymity by going to settings in the navigation menu, followed by the [Non] anonymous participation button.
  3. Tick the not anonymous box and press the blue button in order to add a login field.
  4. In the opened box you can choose the desired login details for your participants.
  5. If you want ‘everybody’ to fill in their details, you’ll have to make sure the required question box is ticked. To confirm press the save button.
  6. When you start your session in PowerPoint each participant will be asked to fill in his or her name/student number or any other chosen login details.
  7. If you want to see the results real-time you can open the results tab in the navigation menu. By clicking on the ‘track live responses’ option you open up the results section. In this section you see who’s performing best or worst.
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