Add-in update | 7 aug 2015

Dear Shakespeak users, 

This Friday the 7th of August [17:00 PM CET], we will once again release a new software update. This upgrade is designed to increase the performance and user experience of our tool.

Thanks for your feedback, we got rid of a lot of bugs and significantly improved the user experience.

A few things you may expect:

  • Removed Bugs
  • Less pop-ups
  • Fresh session wizard
  • Moderator panel is called message filter now
  • Message filter is ONLY available online []
  • ..and much more!

The update will pop-up automatically within Powerpoint, when you start working with Shakespeak. 

If you're not able to update any software on your company computer, please forward this e-mail to your IT department. 


Always available to answer your questions,


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